Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

About us

Sentinel Lubricants Corp. manufacturers and sells a full line of synthetic lubricants, greases and oils. In addition, it manufacturers custom blended lubricating products for specialized uses in industry. Generally synthetic base fluids, used in the production of synthetic lubricants, are manufactured from specific chemical compounds. The base fluids are made by chemically synthesizing various low-molecular-weight compounds to obtain a product with desired properties. Thus, unlike mineral oils, which are complex mixtures of naturally occurring hydrocarbons, synthetic base fluids are man-made and have a controlled molecular structure with predictable properties.


SENTINEL® manufacturers its products in a facility located in Miami Florida.

SENTINEL® sells its products directly and through independent sales representatives in the United States, and exclusive distributors throughout the world.

SENTINEL's® market niche is specialized synthetic lubricants for the industrial and automotive market. While it competes with the major oil companies, these companies refine mainly for gasoline and other fuels with lubrication products produced only as a refining by product. SENTINEL® is not a fuel producer but exists solely for specialization of lubrication technology and has developed leading expertise over many years of intensive research and development.

SENTINEL's® knowledge and experience of and has the proper ways to formulate lubricants represent the latest state-of-art in lubrication technology. The product line includes more than different lubricants which vary from high temperature lubes to cryogenic oils and greases. SENTINEL® virtually has a lubricant for any application and prides itself on quality, performance and is dedicated to it's customers.

SENTINEL® has reputation for high quality products, meticulous quality control/assurance programs, and quick responses to the market and the individual customer's specialized needs.

SENTINEL's® management is highly experienced in lubrication products. Its President and CEO has been associated with lubrication products since 1955 and has been a producer and manufacturer of synthetic